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Explore why opening a new business in Historic downtown Kent is an exceptionally good idea!

We welcome you to explore benefits to both new and established enterprises.

1. Ambiance:

Historic Kent exudes a unique charm, offering an authentic ambiance that modern developments often lack. The nostalgic atmosphere can provide an unforgettable backdrop for your business, making it stand out and leave a lasting impression on customers.

2. Strong Community Ties:   

Our historic district is a close-knit community with a small-town feel.  By opening your business in Historic Kent, you’ll have the opportunity to build strong, long-lasting relationships with local customers who appreciate and support their historic neighborhood.   And word-of-mouth marketing can be especially potent in communities like ours.


3. Tourist Attractions:

Historic Kent often attracts tourists, sports/concerts at ShoWare and history enthusiasts who are eager to explore its rich past. This influx of visitors can present an excellent opportunity for your business to tap into the tourism market, whether you run a restaurant, boutique or a service.

4. Regulatory Support:

Our Historic district receives special attention and support from our local government.  Whether you’re just starting, relocating or expanding you’ve landed in the right place.   Small businesses are the fabric of our community, they create jobs, boost the economy and bring vitality to the historic district.   Opening a business in a historic district can provide access to these resources and make your entrepreneurial journey more cost-effective.

We want to help you discover all that downtown Kent has to offer and help your business succeed.  The City of Kent offers an impressive array of business support through its resource links and small business support service organizations.  Best of all it’s free!  See link below.

5. Revitalization Opportunities:

Investing in a historic area can contribute to its revitalization, positively impacting property values, local pride, and overall community growth. As your business thrives, it can inspire others to join the revitalization efforts.

6. Foot Traffic and Accessibility:

Downtown Kent offers walkable streets and easy access to public transportation. This can lead to greater visibility for your business, which can be especially advantageous for retail stores, restaurants, and cafes.  We are a short walk to ShoWare Center and Kent Station.

8. Legacy and Longevity:

By becoming a part of the historical fabric of Kent, your business has the potential to leave a lasting legacy. Your brand can become synonymous with the area’s history and traditions, and you can become a respected figure in the community.

Our goal is to connect you with opportunities so you can achieve your goals.

Historic Kent presents a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs, businesses and investors. From its unique ambiance to the support from the local community and government, opening a business in this historic district is a decision that can yield long-term benefits and make a positive impact. Whether you’re a startup looking for a unique niche or an established business seeking a fresh, authentic market, Historic Kent is a compelling destination for your entrepreneurial dreams.   Embrace the history, embrace the future!

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