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Come Early, Stay Late

Downtown Kent has world class coffee shops and bakeries for the early risers, commuters and coffee connoisseurs. Feast & Foliage, Sweet Themes Bakery, Wild Wheat

  • Kent Food Trails

Kent Food Trails

Restaurants continue to monitor Covid-19 very closely, with a focus on the health and safety of guests and employees. They are committed to serving you

Adventure in Time

Trading cards, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Pokémon, plushies, dead media, movie memorabilia, comics, Jones Soda and candy cigarettes are just a few things you’ll find

The Power of Collaboration

Covid 19 ushered in unprecedented times, took our local economies by storm ad left small businesses facing devastating challenges.  No one could have anticipated how

Launch the Kent Valley Lunar Rover!

As we commemorate humankind's first steps on the Moon, we also celebrate our region's role in the historic Apollo Program. The Lunar Rover was built

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