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Illuminate Downtown Campaign

Welcome to our fundraiser to shine a light on history.  A bright future is ahead! Campaign Goal: $100,000 Campaign Duration: June-Dec 31, 2024 VISION Imagine

Honoring A Downtown Champion

Garry Stewart's actions spoke louder than his words, and his love for downtown was evident. A lifelong Kent resident and dedicated KDP supporter, Garry Stewart

Opening a Business in Kent

Explore why opening a new business in Historic downtown Kent is an exceptionally good idea! We welcome you to explore benefits to both new and

Placemaking Micro-Grant

The KDP Micro-Grant program provides businesses with opportunities to activate their spaces in a way that will positively affect the community. Placemaking Inspires collectively reimagining

Winterfest 2023 in Downtown Kent

The winter chill brought with it a wave of warmth and joy to Downtown Kent as the much-anticipated Winterfest event unfolded on Saturday, December 2nd.

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