Published On: December 31st, 2019Categories: Features

As we commemorate humankind’s first steps on the Moon, we also celebrate our region’s role in the historic Apollo Program. The Lunar Rover was built by The Boeing Company under the direction of NASA at its Kent-based Space Center.  Popularly known as “Moon Buggies” the battery-powered four-wheeled vehicles were used on the Moon during Apollo Missions 15, 16 and 17 – the last three missions of the American Apollo Program in 1971 and 1972.


The Lunar Rover Replica Project is a joint effort by the City of Kent and the Kent Downtown Partnership with major funding provided by The Boeing Company. The Kent Downtown Partnership and City of Kent are leading a capital campaign to raise $1.25 million to “land” Kent Valley’s Next Lunar Rover, an interactive, true-to-size replica at Kherson Park in the heart of downtown Kent. Your financial gift is tax-deductible. Your gift will help create an imaginative and innovative public space; one that honors our history, and inspires young people to reach for the stars and pursue out-of-this-world career opportunities. Thank you in advance for your consideration and generous donation!

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