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There is nothing wrong with being a nerd!  In fact, nerds are smart, creative, and unique individuals.  The culture of being a nerd is a culture of knowledge.    Kent downtown hosts a number of “cool nerd” businesses that embrace this unique culture and aren’t afraid to show it!

Release your inner nerd at the Meeker St. Nerd Party!

The Nerd Party promotes downtown local, small businesses by highlighting nerd culture in a street-wide event.  Small businesses between 2nd & 4th Ave on W. Meeker will host local makers, artists, and authors who specialize in nerd culture, science fiction, fantasy, horror — books, games, toys, and more.

Retro Emporium:   — Vintage to modern Pop Culture shop specializing in vintage 80s/90s collectibles and retro-themed goods.

Pager Turner Books —  Nerd culture store offering sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, movies, video games, comics, and more.

Big Wu Fitness:

    1. Hosting SeaLUG Seattle based Lego brick enthusiasts
    2. Lego creations are large and elaborate, often taking hundreds of hours to create, and will be on display at this location

Sweet Themes Bakery – featuring sweet nerd-themed treats and hosting the Cosplay costume contest.

Pied Piper Pub — Trivia and special Nerd drink specials

Cosplay  Costume Contest: Grand prize $100. Dress up as your favorite character, enter contest at Sweet Themes Bakery  (NOTE:  Proof of vaccination/negative Covid test required at this location)

Pied Piper Pub:  Trivia and special Nerd drink specials.


Justin Olson – aka JBoom, sketch artist, art animation  @Retro Emporium
Maria Giakoumatos – author @Retro Emporium
Andy LeRoy – sci-fi, toys and comic art @Page Turner Books
Bruno Pags –  fantasy, vampire, werewolves’ art  @Page Turner Books
Lori Collins –  art and illustrations   @Page Turner Books
John Ratcliff – author @Page Turner Books
Jeff Grubb — author  @Pager Turner Books
Stan ! – author  @Page Turner Books
Steve Winter – author  @Page Turner Books
Tiffany Shearn – author @Page Turner Books
Mobile Nail Tribe – Nerdy Nail artist @ PTB Comics & Manga

PTB Comics & Manga will be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons panel with guests from the early days of TSR.

CybFest NW will join the party with a celebration of all things Transformers, put on by fans for fans. Toy dealers, artists, contests and raffles are just some of the fun!

Covid Requirements: All attendees must always wear masks and follow the Washington state covid guidelines.

Mark your calendar for this FREE event; RSVP registration requested HERE 

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