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1st Ave Inside OUT: Open Air Dining & Marketplace

Updated: Sep 6

Saturdays 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

1st Ave Inside OUT allows restaurants and retail shops to use sidewalks and the adjacent street as additional outdoor seating and marketplace.

We're closing the entire block on 1st Ave on Saturdays to provide additional capacity and social distance options to keep our community and business workers healthy!

Participating restaurants include Thai Chili, Wild Wheat Bakery & Cafe, Dogwood Lounge & Cafe, Rafiki Restaurant & Lounge and Afghan Kebab House Retail shops on 1st Ave will be open along with those on Meeker, Railroad Ave, and surrounding area. Come spend a few hours with us!

Parking: Titus Lot at the corner of Titus and 1st Ave -- will be FREE all day without time limits on Saturdays only.

1st Ave Inside OUT is a pilot program created through partnership of KDP, City of Kent and participating businesses. The program will continue based on public participation - so if you want to keep this, please share with your friends!

Thank you to our Sponsor Fikes Products & Services Home Depot Kent and Davis Door Service for your contributions.

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