Just three Lunar Roving Vehicles went to the Moon; only six men have driven them. Never has so much imagination and research gone into the production of a wheeled vehicle, making possible the greatest manned explorations of the Moon, and they came from Kent, Washington!


Commonly known as the Lunar Rover or Moon Buggy, it’s history’s first and only manned surface transportation system designed to operate on the Moon. At its Kent-based Space Center, the Boeing Company designed, tested and built the four-wheeled vehicle for NASA that was last used during Apollo Missions 15, 16 and 17 between 1971-72. 


Three Kent-built Lunar Rovers remain on the Moon.


Join us as we honor and celebrate Kent’s role in the historic Apollo Program by landing an interactive Lunar Rover replica at Kherson Park in the heart of Kent’s downtown.


You can help inspire future generations to pursue out-of-this world opportunities available to them today.

“…the Lunar Rover proved to be the reliable, safe and flexible lunar exploration vehicle it was expected to be. Without it, the major scientific discoveries of Apollo 15, 16, and 17 would not have been possible; and our current understanding of lunar evolution would not have been possible.” 

– Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 17, the most recent living person to have walked on the Moon.