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KDP 2016 Updates

Kent Downtown Partnership (KDP) will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2017.

Any improvements and investments in downtown Kent since 1992 are a direct result of our hard work and tenacity to get things done. We didn’t do that work alone though. We have a passionate board and wonderful volunteers who give tirelessly to make downtown Kent a fun, friendly, attractive and safe environment for families, friends and visitors.

Recent highlights include two modern apartment complexes in the core of downtown, providing 328 units of living space for Kent residents. They’ve been so popular that another complex is in the process of being built, while another one is preparing to submit their plans for approval.

None of this development and investment would happen without the support of the City of Kent and KDP working as partners to make downtown Kent a place people want to live, work and play.

“The Kent Downtown Partnership has worked hard to ensure Downtown Kent remains an economically thriving neighborhood and vibrant gathering place for our community. KDP’s vision, volunteerism, and thoughtful expenditures –all made possible by the B&O Tax Incentive Program-are crucial to the City of Kent’s long-term success.” 
– Derek Matheson, City of Kent, Chief Administrator Officer