Thank You to Steve and Sue Froyd!

There are some people who have had a huge impact on Downtown Kent, Steve & Sue Froyd are two of those people.

Sue has been more in the limelight but Steve has been there too; just not so visible. Together they owned Bittersweet Restaurant which later became, Down Home Catering. They currently still own the building. They have always maintained a membership in KDP, both for Maggie’s and AAA Pest.

Sue & Steve own and run Maggie’s on Meeker and have made Maggie’s a destination breakfast restaurant. (Their lunches are great too!) The food at Maggie’s is good old-fashioned home cooking. In addition to the property and restaurant, the also own AAA Pest Control on First Aveune.

As life creates changes, they made a decision to retire at their home State of Indiana. They sold their home in Kent and are in the process of selling AAA Pest Control, to one of their employees, so we can be assured of having them in downtown.

Because of their passion for downtown, they are taking their time about selling their building on First Avenue, that once was Bittersweet, then Down Home Catering. They want to be sure the restaurant business that goes into that location, will take good care of all of us. At this time, Maggie’s is being managed by Sue and Steve and a local manager. Sue returns to Downtown Kent a few days a month to help with the transition of the pest control business, Maggie’s and the sale of their property.

Sue had served on out KDP Board for several years, as well as several of our committees. She has won awards for being best Volunteer and received other recognition’s for her efforts. It is people like Sue and Steve who inspire the rest of us to do all we can to make a difference in restoring our historic downtown.

In appreciation for the years and years of service to Kent, especially Downtown Kent, KDP wants to send out a HUGE thank you to Steve and Sue for all they have done to vitalize our downtown. In recognition of their hard work KDP purchased a Bulova mantel clock, recognizing their love and dedication to Kent.

KDP Board of Directors

The photo above is Sue with the clock that was given to her and Steve.