KDP Raised $125,000+ from B&O Contributors

While many around town were celebrating the New Year with family and friends, Kent Downtown Partnership and a few willing volunteers were registering our members for the Main Street Tax Credit program available through the State of Washington. Businesses that sign up can keep their money local, by donating money directly to Kent Downtown Partnership while receiving a 75 percent tax credit of that amount toward their B&O tax payment next year!

We are happy to report that we raised more than $125,000 this year, $45,000 more than last year.

Last year, we missed out on some valuable funding, because the pool of money is limited and other Main Street-eligible organizations got to it first. But this year we planned ahead! We asked local business early on to commit to a contribution that we could declare first thing New Year’s Day…yes, at midnight!

Thanks to all of the businesses who participated and to our volunteers for making sure Kent Downtown Partnership has a budget to work with next year!

Happy New Year!

~ KDP Staff

P.S. – Want to be part of this great program next year? Let us know now and we’ll add you to the list.