Full House Turned Out for Downtown Breakfast Hour

Last Friday Kent Downtown Partnership held its periodic Downtown Breakfast Hour to update interested business owners and residents on what’s going on in downtown Kent. KDP president Randall Smith kicked things off to a full house with a warm welcome, followed by Barb Smith introducing local city officials.

KDP Needs YOU!

Kent Downtown Partnership hosts events to bring people to historic downtown Kent to see all of the wonderful businesses, parks and other amenities Kent has to offer. We have an active KDP board who loves helping out at events, but we welcome – and need – more volunteers.

Meet Titus and Hops

Your penguins now have names: Daddy penguin is Titus and his son is Hops. We received dozens of great names, and we appreciate the wonderful response from readers, members and Facebook followers. We love that so many of you wanted to keep the names of the penguins “historic” to downtown Kent!

KDP Heads to Olympia to Raise B&O Tax Cap

On January 25, KDP executive director Barb Smith, president Randall Smith and past president Greg Haffner are heading to Olympia to ask legislators to increase the Main Street B&O Tax Incentive Program cap. The cap is currently $1.5 million. This total used to be shared by 13 cities when the program first started; now there are 35 cities sharing that same pot of money. Individual cities have an individual cap as well.

KDP Raised $125,000+ from B&O Contributors

While many around town were celebrating the New Year with family and friends, Kent Downtown Partnership and a few willing volunteers were registering our members for the Main Street Tax Credit program available through the State of Washington. Businesses that sign up can keep their money local, by donating money directly to Kent Downtown Partnership while receiving a 75 percent tax credit of that amount toward their B&O tax payment next year!